Faculty/Staff Professional Development & Program Grant

Faculty/Staff Professional Development & Program Grant

The Holmes MS PTA has included funds in its annual budget to award grants of up to $300 each to teachers and staff.  We have allocated a total of $3,500 for Faculty/Staff Grants and After School Club grants.

Faculty/Staff Grant Purpose: These grants enrich student, faculty, and staff learning by providing resources that support students’ classroom and/or extracurricular learning or facilitating faculty and staff participation in activities designed to enrich their academic and professional development. Generally, these grants fund materials, programs, tools, transportation, etc. that cannot be funded from the school budget.

Process: To give all faculty and staff an equal opportunity to be awarded these funds, grant applications may be submitted to the Holmes MS PTA Grants Committee for review and approval. All proposals must be approved by the Holmes MS principal before review by the Grants Committee. All teachers and staff who are current members of the Holmes MS PTA are encouraged to apply. (Become a member online: http://bit.ly/JoinHolmesPTA.)

Criteria used to evaluate the grant applications:

  1. The extent to which the activity or item to be funded will enhance the student(s)’ classroom/activity experience, or the requestor’s academic or professional development; and
  2. The impact of the activity or item on the student body and staff, in addition to the benefit to the requestor.

Other pertinent information:

  • During the 2017-18 school year up to $3,500 may be distributed through the After School Club and Faculty Grant programs.
  • The maximum amount that may be awarded per Faculty Grant application is $300.
  • Preference is given to new awardees.
  • Any equipment purchased using these grants is the property of FCPS and Holmes MS, not the individual or group applying for the grant, and as such, must remain at the school.
  • The recipient agrees to provide a receipt for the funded purchase. This receipt is required even if the grant money does not provide full funding for the purchase. Should unforeseen circumstances cause the grant recipient to not be able to use the grant money, the recipient agrees to refund the grant money to the Holmes MS PTA no later than September of the following school year (September 2018).

2017/2018 Faculty Grant Applicationhttp://bit.ly/HolmesPTAFacultyGrantAPP

Each recipient will submit to the Holmes MS PTA a short follow-up summary of how the grant money was used or an example of the purchase in action.

  • The Holmes MS PTA intends to distribute Faculty/Staff grants during two funding periods:
    • Funding Period 1: Within the second quarter of the school year
    • Funding Period 2: Early in the third quarter of the school year
  • Applications for Period 1 will be accepted from the start of the school year through January 5, 2018. Applications for Period 2 will be accepted from February 1, 2018 through March 5, 2018.
  • Completed applications (including principal approval) must be sent via e-mail to: president@holmesmspta.org.

Holmes MS PTA extends our appreciation to the Stuart/Justice HS Grant Committee for allowing us to replicate their existing application and process. 

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